Bespoke Personal Training

Our private Personal Training Studio has been designed to give you a bespoke training experience like no other. The studio is completely yours for the full hour of your training session, you will be motivated and inspired throughout your workout with the help of one of our trainers to give you a complete bespoke service. You won’t have to contend with a busy gym or follow boring training plans on your own. We want your training to be enjoyable yet challenging enough to ensure you meet your goals and targets whether it be weight loss, fitness, strength or rehabilitation.

We understand that everyone is different and your Bespoke Personal Training plan will take that into account as we provide you with a full Health Check, Fitness Test, Body Composition Analysis and lifestyle planner to make sure you achieve the results you desire.

The Bespoke Personal Training Plan is a 10 week program where you will receive:

• 10 x 1 hour sessions at the Lincolnshire Fitness Studio with your Personal Trainer (your first session will be your Health Check, Fitness Test, Body Composition Analysis and our chance to get to know your wants and needs as a client)

• 10 x ½ price class vouchers so you can attend any of the classes on our timetable at a reduced cost.

• Tailored Nutrition Plan with a Meal Planner, Shopping List, Portion Size Guide and Recipes with only the foods you love already and based on the time you have to prepare and cook your meals (quick, easy and nutritious foods the whole family can enjoy)

• Home Exercise Challenges for you to complete in between your sessions with us.

• Motivation, support, encouragement and guidance throughout your journey to become a fitter, healthy and happier person. We are here to help you every step of the way, answer questions when you are unsure, provide motivation if you are having a bad day. We see our clients as our friends and want you to feel happy, comfortable and at ease.

You have also got the option to start the plan as a one to one client or join with a friend or partner or if preferred join in a small group. The cost of the plan will vary on the option you choose.

For more information on prices and availability please contact Emma on 07599199814 or email :
Please note we normally have a 10-14 day waiting list for appointments.

If you tick any of the following boxes then the Bespoke Personal Training Plan is exactly what you need…..

– New to exercise or recovering from injury?
– Want to lose weight, change your body shape and have more confidence?
– Have a bone or joint problem and worried about exercising safely?
– Need a rehabilitation program to get you moving and mobile?
– Want a complete lifestyle change to feel fitter, healthier and happier?
– Feel self-conscious about exercising with other people?
– Feel confused with what to eat and how to exercise to get the best results?
– Frustrated with your weight and body shape and feel you have tried everything?
– Lacking motivation and will power?
– Fed up of feeling sluggish and bloated?
– Bored of the Gym and not seeing the results you want?
– Fed up of always “giving up and starting again” ?
– Stuck in a rut and need a new challenge?

There are hundreds of benefits to exercising and eating a healthy balanced diet and we can guarantee you will feel like a completely different person once you get on the right track to health and wellbeing.
If you are ready to start a journey to health and happiness then we are here to help.