Stay Motivated and Get Moving

If you’ve started exercising but aren’t seeing or feeling the benefits straight away, it can be hard to stay motivated. Juliet Hodges, Behaviour Change Adviser at Bupa, looks at some of the science behind motivation, and explains how you can stay motivated to see your exercise plans through.

It’s worth thinking about why you decided to start exercising in the first place, as this underlying motivation can influence how successful you are. Taking up exercise simply to become fitter is what is called an intrinsic goal: improvement and mastery of the behaviour itself continues to reinforce the motivation to work out. You are therefore more likely to succeed.

However, if you’ve decided to exercise to feel more physically attractive, your motivation is more likely to falter. This is an extrinsic goal: the outcome is not directly related to the exercise itself, so you’re less likely to find exercise rewarding as an activity. In addition, the weight loss someone achieves through exercise alone is typically modest, despite its other health benefits. This means you may be more likely to lose interest, as the results you’re after aren’t immediately obvious.

Regardless of why you started to exercise, try to set yourself fitness goals, or try different types of exercise to find something you enjoy. When you’re focused on jogging an extra kilometre (km) or beating your best time – rather than losing two pounds – you’re more likely to see progress.

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